Swartbooi calls on Fishrot accused to come clean

WINDHOEK – Leader of the Landless People’s Movement (LPM), Bernadus Swartbooi has implored the Fishrot accused to come out and tell the nation how much money was ‘eaten’, where the rest of the money is and which other individuals were involved in one of the biggest corruption scandals to hit Namibia.

said Swartbooi during a press conference on Monday.

“I want to make an impassionate plea to Sacky Shangala, Bernhard Esau, James Hatukuilipi, Fitty (Tamson Hatukuilipi), and the gang of six in prison. In your darkest moments, because of your most unpatriotic deeds, the truth can set you free,”.

Bernadus Swartbooi

said Swartbooi during a press conference on Monday..

He added that the allegations that surround the Fishrot accused are very disheartening for the people of Namibia as “trust was bestowed upon you and you played with it.”

Swartbooi called on the six to do the right thing while they are still alive by speaking the truth.

“We are available if you want us to visit you in prison to hear your full disclosure,” he pleaded, saying that they could alternatively confess to the churches or Bishops so that they could set the nation free from the scorch of corruption.

“God the merciful will hear you. All it is, is to tell the truth. Your darkest moment can be your strongest light,” the LPM leader pointed out.

He said that Swapo has clearly deserted them and they were now on their own.

“You don’t matter to them anymore. Swapo is making you the sacrificial lambs. Your application for bail is not your answer,” he continued to say, adding that they could still enjoy productive lives if they took the nation into their confidence.

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