Suicide among Namibian Youth on the Rise

WINDHOEK – The Landless People’s Movement’s (LPM) Youth Command Element has learned with grave concern of the unusual increase of suicide incidences among young people in Namibia. We are disturbed and saddened by what we have been reading in the news of late. Just in recent weeks, a 9-year old girl from Walvis Bay took her own life, while a 13-year old boy and a 23-year old woman from Swakopmund reportedly committed suicide as well. We are wondering why there is such an escalation in the deaths of our youngsters when we say that the youth of today are the future of tomorrow.

This rise in the deaths of young people should be a big concern to the Namibian Government and the nation at large. We hereby urge our communities to take this matter very seriously as depression is real and the issues that young people face need to be addressed urgently. Our parents, especially in our African culture, have the tendency of not acknowledging, speaking or addressing depression in our homes. They would rather not talk about it, which leads to children suffering in unexpressed misery and despair, which affects their emotional wellbeing. Unemployment, family violence including physical, sexual and emotional abuse are some of the prime reasons that lead to youths committing suicide.

How can we best tackle the surge in suicide cases among young people? What preventative measures can we put in place to secure the mental and physical safety of our youth? Have we looked at individual and combined family therapy? We need to address ways on how to best assist the youth of today by initiating conversations that were deemed uncomfortable to have with our minors, teenagers and young adolescents. We ought to do what we can do to change the statistics of suicides committed by our youth whilst we still can.

We urge our communities to listen attentively to our youths without judging them. As the LPM Youth Command Element, we stand with you and send our love to you. Together we are stronger.

Issued by:
Hilma Goses (Spokesperson of the LPM Youth Command Element)

Byron van Wyk (National Spokesperson of the LPM Youth Command Element)


  • Something for LPM MPs to consider; There are only two places in Namibia that admit patients who are suicidal. The first is Katatura State hospital mental ward, which looks more like a prison than a clinic. The second is Bel Esprit, a private day clinic specialising in mental health. They only cater to those with good medical aid or cash. Why? Why is it impossible for Namibians to get help with mental health problems?

    • Thank you we will consider..

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