Stop hijacking the victory of Okahandja’s landless struggles

WINDHOEK – The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) is appalled by some political parties’ cunning tactics to try and claim victory for own political expediency in the Okahandja land grabbing incident which led to the allocation of 3127 plots to the landless people of the town.

LPM is of the opinion that no political party, nor the government should hijack the achievement which was ignited by the Promised Land Committee of Okahandja to stand up for its people and their plight for land.

We should appreciate and acknowledge the commitment and consistency of the Promised Land Committee which stood up for its people’s birthright to a piece of land

Sadé Gawanas, LPM’s National Spokesperson.

She maintained that political parties should not claim victories for fights they did not initiate, but rather stand in solidarity and support of landless people in their strife for social justice.

“As LPM, we advocate for land reform and we understand that the strategic involvement of the electorate should become one of the most important pillars of our society – the equitable sharing of all the resources for our people. We advocate and inspire Namibians to move from being dependent citizens to being actively involved in securing conducive environment and sustainable future for themselves and their families,” she emphasised, applauding the Promised Land Committee for their bravery.

The LPM spokesperson took a swipe at some Swapo politicians who claimed that the ruling party has never failed its masses in the land delivery, while it is because of Swapo’s failure in the past 30 years to deliver land that led to people revolting.

LPM’s political czar, Ivan Skrywer said that when LPM arrived at the scene on Wednesday (15 July), the landless people of Okahandja  started clearing land on open space, but the situation got out of hand as the police were harassing people.

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