Removal of Nelius Bekker from Fishrot – clear sabotage

WINDHOEK – It has come as no surprise to us that a senior experienced police commissioner was removed from the Fishrot saga investigation. Mr. Nelius Bekker, a Senior Commissioner of the Police with extensive experience in criminal investigations, was the lead investigator of the biggest scandalous corruption case in Namibia and was instrumental in the arrest of the Fishrot 6 currently in jail. The news that Mr. Bekker was removed from his post has irked out our guts with red flags all over it.

We, at LPM, say it is incredibly nauseating, clear sabotage and we want an explanation as to why Bekker was removed from the case. We need investigators like Nelius Bekker to do proper investigations. The real face of corruption has been put on view. This is disheartening and sends out an absolutely wrong message to Namibians that as long as you have the wrong people in key positions, you can get away with murder. As Namibians, we cannot simply sit and watch how our resources are being plundered for the greed of a few.

We have a moral obligation not to allow this case to go cold, to be blocked or die in eternal oblivion like many others cases in the past.

Having allocated peanuts to the Anti-Corruption Commission and removing Bekker is an attempt to strangle the case to death. Acts of these nature are tantamount to interference with the investigation and weakening the ability of these institutions and individuals to bring the Fishrot 6, lawyers and politicians involved before the courts to face the music. 

If Ndeitunga and the Police are serious about fighting corruption and putting those accountable behind bars, remove Noa from ACC, put experienced qualified investigators with integrity that will uphold the dignity and protection of our people and its resources. We need committed people to do the due diligence needed for the FISHROT SAGA and many others.

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