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The Landless People's Movement (LPM) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia on 8 February 2019.

It was formed as a spontaneous government response to elite capture of the land reform program by bureaucrats at the expense of the landless working class, urban dwellers, peasants, and land dispossessed at a time of increasing calls for genocide reparations. Urban land crisis, land reform, and agrarian reform pre- occupies daily struggles of LPM.

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The pandemic, without a doubt, has taken a heavy toll on the national, regional and local economy and our thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones, jobs and during this period of time.

The communities’ ability to pay their accounts, the cut of the national budget has negatively affected Councils’ finances and programmes.

However, our main aim is continued provision of essential services and to improve administrative and operational efficiencies.


  • }  Bulk water lines upgrade
  • }  Hydrological Study
  • }  Drilling boreholes
  • }  Connection to domestic water network
  • }  Biggest challenge: addressing the ageing domestic water lines and debt(±N$14million)
  • }  N$1 million allocated for capital projects will be used to:
  • –  Connect boreholes to water network(500 000)
  • –  To purchase pre- paid water meters(500 000)


  • }  Environmental study on waste management
  • }  Establishment of a new landfill site: already fenced, still needs protection cover (plastic) to minimize soil contamination
  • }  Purchase of a Refuse compactor Truck – done
  • }  Purchase of Wheelie bins for the community – in


  • }  Next: recycling initiative at new landfill site
  • }  Biggest challenge: Rehabilitation of old landfill site


  • }  Electrical study (network and assets) –ECB assistance
  • }  Conversion of all domestic electricity prepaid meters
  • }  Assisting marginalized households with connection
  • }  Solar Potential Exploration
  • }  Biggest challenge: Addressing the ageing network and debt( ±N$ 22 mill)
  • }  Payment of debt: each month an amount of N$ 250 00 will be paid to NamPower plus the amount for current usage(±1,2 million)
  • }  Will invite experts of Keetmanshoop Municipality to examine existing net work and help us to reduce losses


} We aim to install streetlights along the entrance to the town

} Project is in planning stage ( the layout and design of the project)


} Establishment of Westerkim extension 2 – 292 erven
} Establishment of Karasburg Extension 2

-321 erven

Ø Establishment of Karasburg Zoning Scheme

  • Ø  Informal settlement upgrading
  • Ø  1st Capital housing Development
  • Ø  Revival of Build Together Programme
  • Ø  Provision is made for 10 houses at N$80 000 each
  • Ø  Biggest challenge: Construction of services


  • }  Positioning the town as a major transit hub
  • }  Urban agriculture promotion
  • }  Marketing of the town – webpage
  • }  SME – Park Development
  • }  Biggest Challenge: Institutional framework lacking


  • }  Aim: to establish a retail centre in order to serve the local community and the surrounding communities of the district, e.g. Grunau, Warmbad, Ariamsvlei amongst othersNAMPOWER OFFICEØ NamPower want to establish an office in Karasburg to serve the IIKharas region


  • }  Modernizing of fleet of capital equipment & vehicles
  • }  Staff training and development
  • }  Overhaul of the Financial Management System
  • }  Submission of Financial Statements to AG
  • }  Re- evaluation of properties


  • }  We will continue focusing on the improvement of our revenue with the Pre- paid Water Programme
  • }  We will extend the above mentioned revenue programme via the Municipal boreholes
  • }  We aim to expand our economic capacity by marketing Karasburg as a major transit hub, an effort that started out with the current construction of the NamCor Truck port
  • }  We aim to assist our SME’s via the development of the Karasburg SME Park


  • }  We will address the aging Council infrastructure through the continuation of our Maintenance and Renovation Programme
  • }  We aim to develop a new Strategic Plan for the Council
  • }  The construction of services for Westerkim and the rest of Karasburg
  • }  Extension remains a high priority on the Council Development Programme
  • }  The development of a Solar PV Park is high on the Councils’ priority list
  • }  The development of our institutional capacity


} Covid19 and the community payments
} Shrinking Development Budget allocation } Ageing infrastructure
} Lack of natural resources
} Debt owed to Bulk Service Providers
} Organisational capacity

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