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The Landless People's Movement (LPM) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia on 8 February 2019.

It was formed as a spontaneous government response to elite capture of the land reform program by bureaucrats at the expense of the landless working class, urban dwellers, peasants, and land dispossessed at a time of increasing calls for genocide reparations. Urban land crisis, land reform, and agrarian reform pre- occupies daily struggles of LPM.

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 Hon. Deensia Swartbooi signs the agreement

Through full utilization of a sustainable renewable resource, the development tangibles are triggling in!

Eneas Emvula

Mariental Rural Constituency Councilor Hon Deensia Swartbooi signed the agreement for the Hoachanas Solar Project between the Hardap Regional Council and Hoachanas Renewable Energy Development Trust yesterday the 09 December 2022.

The first phase will generate 40 kilowatt.

Corporate social responsibility plan to the benefit of the Hoachanas residents to roll out soon.

Project implementation commences mid January 2023. Envisaged completion date mid March 2023.

We walk the talk.

09 December 2022, Hoachanas, Hardap Region

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