Hengari’s remarks reckless and insensitive
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WINDHOEK – The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) Deputy Leader and Chief Whip, Henny Seibeb, has condemned comments made by State House press secretary Dr Alfredo Hengari that the protest march last Friday against the killing of four Namibians by the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) was “pointless”.

Seibeb said Hengari’s remarks were reckless and insensitive and called on President Hage Geingob to reprimand him, saying that the utterance bordered on the infringement of Namibian citizens’ constitutional rights to assemble peacefully.

Seibeb said Hengari’s remarks were reckless and insensitive and called on President Hage Geingob to reprimand him, saying that the utterance bordered on the infringement of Namibian citizens’ constitutional rights to assemble peacefully.

He said that just a few months ago, when George Floyd, an African American man, was brutally killed in racially motivated violence, the Minister of International Affairs and Cooperation, Netumbo Nandi-Ndaitwah, hurriedly offered solidarity to that country in a statement, but when it comes to Namibians being killed, she was quiet and only the insensitive and cruel comments by Hengari were made.

“We urge the President to reprimand him. This is the second time he is doing that. First it was his aggression towards the media and now he is doing it to poor ordinary Namibians,” Seibeb lashed out.

The LPM chief whip called on Geingob to take a stand against Botswana’s trigger-happy soldiers, saying that whilst the president of Botswana Mokgweetsi Masisi is better with his policies than the former president, Ian Khama, BDF soldiers must stop killing Namibians.

“One day citizens of this country might be at loggerheads. This matter needs serious attention,” he warned, urging the Namibian Head of State to visit the Zambezi and acquaint himself with the situation there and the border between Namibia with Botswana.

Seibeb said that the two countries were divided by a river in the Zambezi and citizens may generally not know where the borders are drawn and they may cross on the others side unknowingly in an adventure.

He further pointed out that while Botswana subscribes to Pan-African unity, the mindset of the Batswana need to change.

“President Masisi must extent an official apology through Botswana’s High Commission and also give compensation to the affected family to reassure Namibians that it was not an act of war,” he added.

Seibeb also took a swipe at NUNW’s sectrary-general John Muniaro, for having claimed that opposition political parties were being funded by foreign interests to trigger regime change in Namibia.

He said that there was nothing wrong with foreign funding, just like governments fund political parties to further develop democracy and assist political parties with their political programmes.

“All political parties can receive foreign funding the same way Swapo is receiving foreign funding from the Chinese and Asian business people – even Fishrot was because of foreign funding which landed two Ministers in jail,” he argued, saying that even trade unions, civil society and welfare orgnisations receive foreign funding for capacity building.

The LPM leader maintained that Muniaro’s claim that the opposition was receiving foreign funding to effect regime change was not wrong as the aim of every opposition that operates in a democracy is to take over government and govern – the same way Swapo is doing now.

“We at LPM say Swapo’s programme is ineffective and we have a better one. Maybe he needs to go to North Korea or China if he doesn’t want elections where they use fake democracy to dominate,” Seibeb lashed out.

He said what Muniaro instead needed to call on all political parties to open their books for each financial year which would establish that Swapo had indeed received hundred thousands of dollars in foreign funding, especially from the Asians.

“LPM has so far not received any single funding from any single Namibian business or foreign sources,” he pointed out saying that the party only receive the little it gets from government.

Seibeb called on local business to fund LPM and not be afraid as it was for the good of advancing democracy and not like Swapo which has used that money for state capture and the looting of Namibian resources.

“We urge all Namibians, especially NUNW members to start regime change in NUNW,” he called on.

Seibeb also joined the chorus in condemning former Minister of Defence, General Martin Shali’s utterances that the throats of those who left Swapo must be cut.

He said that while Shali apologized for the uncalled for remarks, he was not convinced that the former general was sincere.

“He meant what he said unless he was drunk or in deep shock,” contended Seibeb, adding that it was not something to be taken lightly as Shali comes from an army background where army generals in other post-colonial African states have arrested, beat up and killed opposition members.

“I suspect these things are being discussed at Swapo central committee meetings or at drinking places,” he added, saying that his name and that of LPM leader Bernadus Swartbooi was being mentioned as they were giving Swapo tough time in Parliament.

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  • This man is very stupid. Why would he even say such words?

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