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The Landless People's Movement (LPM) is a political party registered with the Electoral Commission of Namibia on 8 February 2019.

It was formed as a spontaneous government response to elite capture of the land reform program by bureaucrats at the expense of the landless working class, urban dwellers, peasants, and land dispossessed at a time of increasing calls for genocide reparations. Urban land crisis, land reform, and agrarian reform pre- occupies daily struggles of LPM.

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Karasburg Town Council

The pandemic, without a doubt, has taken a heavy toll on the national, regional and local economy and our thoughts are with those who lost their loved ones, jobs and during this period of time. The communities’ ability to pay…

Arandis Town Councillor Report of Activities, Programmes and Projects

To: Office of the Chief Change Campaigner Attention: Leader Eneas Emvula From: Barnabas Kambara (LPM Leader/MC Chairperson) Date: 8/11/ 2021 Subject: Arandis Town Councillor Report of Activities, Programmes and Projects I greet you together with the entire established leadership structures of our alternative, dynamic…

Mariental Feedback Report

Feedback of the Hon. Regional Councillor of the Mariental Rural Constituency: Mrs. Deensia Swartbooi. Progress Report – 7 months 25 October 2021 It is indeed my profound honour as Head of the Mariental Rural Constituency, to make use of this…