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    I hereby apply for membership in the Landless People’s Movement (Political Party), and declare as follows:

    1. I voluntarily join the Landless People’sMovement (Political Party) without any motive of personal gain or benefit, except for the interest of the party and its objectives.

    2. I am not/no longer a member of another political party and shall not join another political party wh member of the Landless people’s Movement (Political Party.

    3. I will abide by the constitution, by-laws, rules, and codes of conduct established by the Landless Movement (Political party).

    4. Except when relating to my own personal details, I irrevocably waive my right Imay have to view the n register of the Landless people’s Movement (Political Party), and shall not make any such requests.
    I consent to my membership details being sent to the LPM (Political Party) Head Quarters for membership statistics and data protection. 

    5. I shall supply two (2) passport photos which will be attached and will serve as a stamp of confirmation: on my behalf.

    6. I am aware that it’s a criminally punishable offense to make a false declaration.

    7. I shall pay a joining fee of N$35.00, plus ongoing annual dues of the s  amount as set by 1 National Executive Committee.

    8. I understand that all payments are final and non-refundable

    This document is highly confidential and must be behandled as such

    For any further inquiries, kindly contact the Administrative Officer, Mr J JHumpries at 061 – 400 693 or 081 786 7724