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LPM sweeps to victory win in election rerun

The Landless People’s Movement (LPM) has again swept to victory in the Mariental-Rural Constituency, Hoachanas, Stampriet, Koës and Aroab Local Authorities at the just-ended elections’ rerun on Friday (26 February).

Mix residents need toilets

The residents of Mix settlement on the outskirts of Windhoek have many common unmet necessities that range from basic needs for water and proper sanitation facilities, such as toilets, electricity or at least proper solar systems and a clinic to a pre-primary school for the young ones.

Election Manifesto 2020


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Our Political Value Statement

That the natural resources of the state belong to all her people, and that the equitable sharing of these resources for national benefit is only better  achievable with state leadership and strategic involvement in the national economy

Equality and unity

To promote and defend our constitution and the territorial unity and integrity of our state; and to provide strong, firm, even-handed, intellectually capable leadership to society.

Gender and future

In making government work for all Namibians, in particular women, youth, the poor, the elderly and those in rural areas, by deliberate, strategic and tactical redirection of economic resources to spur and accelerate rural and equitable development.

Politics and economy

To encourage free, ethical economic activity, upholding transparent and arms-length relations between political and business interests; and to create trustworthy and transformative partnership with the local and global business and industry community.

Everything that becomes true starts with a dream!


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We believe that Namibia can be born a nation. We have no better choice than that. We are of the view that the birth of the Namibian nation and the nurturing thereof is the key to re-imagine and correct the state building process that went off the cliffs.

mission & vision

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LPM Deputy Leader Henny Seibeb


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Unity in Diversity yes..! Where is the tribalism, LPM is labeled with as far as I know is not one tribe of the 12 we have in this Country that are miss treaded, but the whole country in all it's Four corners only Swapo's elite benefits from the whole cake. Those who have eyes see already a Rapid changes across this country and those who don't start playing the Tribal card they fail also to understand that it is to the benefit of all Citizens of this country for sure. Well done LCCC …

Gabriel Jacobs on Facebook
testimonial image

I salivate at the thought when the greater majority of our parliamentarians will be able to concisely contextualize issues in this country within the parameters of logic as eloquently as this young man.

Jack Kambatuku on Facebook
testimonial image

This is what we need in our country, a strong true leader, a prayer warrior, man of God, God fearing. You are blessed and covered with the holy blood of Jesus. No evil forces formed against you shall prosper 🙏 God be with you and with all the candidates and all the members, We are behind you 🥰🙏

Dashiona Funa'tjie R Manale on Facebook

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LPM believes in the principles of liberty, equality and justice for all human beings. LPM will ensure that all Namibians move from being good citizens to being active citizens everywhere in the world in service of humanity

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